Patt Ochoa

Cofounder, Harmonium

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Patt Ochoa has more than a decade of personal recovery experience. Working with adolescents and young adults, he has been a program coordinator, adolescent drug/alcohol counselor, alumni coordinator, and program director for local treatment centers in Orange County.

His passion for helping those seeking and/or in recovery was the driving force that propelled him to follow his dream as cofounder of OCTLC, Inc./Sustain Recovery, located in Irvine, California.

Patt got sober on October 23, 2002. He became involved in working with young people by putting on dances and conventions for them throughout the West Coast.

Conventions Patt has been part of include Southern California local convention SOCALYPAA, the state convention ACYPAA, and the international convention ICYPAA, serving as hospitality chair, program chair, national outreach chair, events chair and program chair.

Serving on the Advisory Board of ACYPAA, Patt has shared the role of overseeing the convention in its entirety. Currently, he is a consultant to young people who are in the process of bidding for these conventions and/or hosting them.

Patt has the great opportunity to speak in Orange County high schools with a message to help prevent kids from using drugs. He was interviewed and filmed for the documentary StopB4UStart, which is shown to parents and youths throughout Southern California. Patt travels to conventions and meetings across the United States speaking to thousands of people in recovery for drugs and alcohol.

He is also one of eight founding directors of Harmonium, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Harmonium’s simple purpose is providing sober environments at 14 of the largest major music festivals across the US to support and inform those who seek the comfort and camaraderie of other clean and sober people. Though these environments consist mostly of people in recovery from alcoholism and addiction, Harmonium exists for anyone wishing to stay clean and sober, as well as for those seeking serenity and fellowship at festivals.