David Waxman

General Manager/Head of A&R, Ultra Music

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With more than 20 years in the business of electronic music, David Waxman’s history as DJ, producer and executive extends beyond most in the industry. Starting in his teens as a New York City nightclub promoter and manager, David’s taste for dance music had already been established. “I first learned about the art of DJing as a teenager because my father used to go clubbing in the ‘80s. He had two turntables, a mixer, and regularly bought 12-inch vinyl of the big NY club records.”

Realizing his passion for electronic music, David left the nightclub business to pursue his DJ career. His marathon six-plus-hour DJ sets won praise from international music magazines such as Mixmag and DJ and helped land him residencies at some of the most legendary nightclubs in the world, including Twilo (NY), Liquid (Miami) and Crobar (NY, Chicago, and Miami).

Over the past 15 years, David has transcended beyond DJing and producing by playing the instrumental and influential role of Head of A+R at Ultra Music, where he is now also General Manager. He has become known for spotting trends, breaking new artists, and helping keep Ultra Music one of the largest labels in the genre. Waxman continues to deliver platinum hit singles and award-winning remixes, and to help develop superstar talent in electronic music.