2015 Panels

“City as a Startup” Keynote with Tony Hsieh

Culture is to company as community is to city. Tony applies Zappos’ corporate culture to build the most community-focused big city in the world, in Downtown Las Vegas. For Tony, participating in raves elicited an emotional response and deep connection with the rest of the participants, and led him to the realization that every interaction with anyone anywhere is an opportunity to gain additional perspective.

Drugs in Dance Music: It’s Time to Talk

BBC Radio 1 DJ B. Traits recently featured in a groundbreaking TV documentary tackling the sensitive topic of drug use and distribution in the UK. In parallel, the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) has created a platform for debate, bringing together information and expertise to help our industry develop a unified response. As society experiences increasing harm from so-called legal highs, B. Traits and AFEM bring together a panel of experts to discuss the global landscape and the options available to tackle the issue.

EDM: Just the Facts, Man   

The popularity of electronic dance music is growing rapidly, and brands, agencies and promoters are all embracing the genre with investments in branded partnerships and sponsorships. Everyone wants to get in with electronic music fans, but they also want to ensure high ROI. This presentation will cover the state of the electronic music genre by the numbers, sales data on global EDM hits, talent analytics and case studies. Gain a better understanding of hard data in electronic music and how to leverage it to plan, measure and maximize music campaigns.

Boombox: A&R and How to Get Signed 

While getting your music out into the world has never been easier, the path to getting signed to a major label has perhaps never been less clear. Here, specialists in the field of artists & repertoire discuss finding new talent in the digital age, and the most effective methods for young artists to rise above the rest in a saturated market. Immediately following this panel, the finalists of Insomniac’s Best Record Contest present their music to the audience for a chance to get their work released on Insomniac Records.

Pioneer DJ Presents: Get Connected With KUVO

KUVO is a social platform that connects DJs, consumers and clubs like never before. At a KUVO-connected club, DJs using Pioneer gear can share their track information, with personalized comments, to global consumers in real-time. This allows DJs to personalize their new music and promote new releases to qualified music fans, while gaining new global exposure. Through the KUVO app or website, consumers can discover and buy the tracks their favorite DJs are playing, as well as find out what’s trending in other clubs around the world. KUVO has the opportunity to present the most accurate song reporting for an artist’s tracks—where and when the song was played, and how many times it was played for any given artist.

A&R/Best Record Contest

EDMbiz, Wavo and Insomniac Records have teamed up to jump-start one lucky artist’s career. Applicants submitted original tracks, which have undergone crowd-sourced voting and judging by an EDMbiz panel. The top point-earners/semifinalists have been invited here to present their tracks live to a panel of senior A&R executives from the industry’s top record labels. One lucky winner will have their track released by Insomniac Records.

Future of Dance Music Journalism        

The digital era has massively transformed the nature of both journalism and music. With this, the individuals covering electronic dance music have found themselves in a new editorial domain dominated by online publishing, social media and brand influence. In this conversation, writers, editors and publicists discuss the opportunities and challenges in maintaining quality output in an age when editorial must keep pace with the internet.

More Than a Logo: Brands, Millennials & Creating a Lasting Connection

It’s no secret that EDM audiences present a valuable marketing opportunity for brands. But how can companies cut through the clutter to create an authentic connection with a generation of truly engaged fans? Learn how some brands are not only weaving themselves into the electronic culture, but are actively helping the scene evolve through the creation of new content, curation of fan-driven experiences, and investment in mobile tech.

The Future of DJing With Stems – A New Format for Creative DJing by Native Instruments

As an open multi-track audio format, Stems enhances creative possibilities for DJs, producers and live performers. Native Instruments’ US Artist Relations Manager Carmen Rizzo will explain the implications of this “groundbreaking new file format for DJs” (Dancing Astronaut), and product expert ENDO will give a short demonstration of the potential of Stems.

Radioactive: Listening Trends in a Changing Media Landscape       

With channels broadening from terrestrial to satellite to internet, the ways radio is created, distributed and consumed are currently in flux. This conversation features representatives from a variety of new and established radio platforms discussing the promises and challenges of the medium in the age of streaming and subscriptions, and how the dance music industry can best utilize current technologies while reaching listeners around the world.

Tech Innovation & Disruptive Platforms          

From production to distribution and live performance, there is arguably no other realm of music that relies as heavily on technology as EDM. This panel explores the latest tech innovations driving the industry, and how new and emerging platforms are changing the nature of the business and pushing the sonic landscape ever further into the future.

20 Years of Dance Music Through the Lens of AM Only        

The landscape of electronic music has changed significantly over the past 20 years, moving from DIY parties in warehouses to large-scale productions at the world’s most iconic arenas. During this time, talent agency AM Only has played an integral role in the evolution of electronic music’s live experience. What started in the back office of a small drum & bass record store in New York City has become one of the most influential voices in dance music culture, representing some of the world’s best electronic acts. Join us as a panel of promoters, AM Only agents and their clients discuss where electronic music has been, where it is, and where it is going.

Dance Music and the Urban Ecosystem

Many cities face tough, evolving economic conditions, and those who run them must often come up with innovative ways to generate revenue. Local officials and business leaders frequently turn to art and culture to help guide their cities away from financial disaster and steer them toward an artistic renaissance and prosperity. Bringing together key players from government, the private sector, and dance music, this panel will analyze the vital role of live music and arts in building and maintaining a healthy urban ecosystem.

Chasing the Dream: Entrepreneurship and Funding  

In an industry cited to be worth billions of dollars, how do young entrepreneurs and established veterans secure funding and gain traction? In this panel, financial experts discuss who controls the wealth, what roles brands play, and how upstarts can get in on the action.

Startup Contest       

Five promising startups—applicants vetted by Insomniac and Digital Music News—have the opportunity to present to A-list venture capital investors and other music industry executives. A broad range of innovative ideas and models will be considered, spanning digital to mobile to physical to live, and everything in between. Judges will carefully consider the business propositions based equally on presentation, understanding of market trend opportunity, innovation, and potential to disrupt. Presentations will be limited to five minutes each, plus a brief Q&A from the panelists and investors.

Team Oliver Heldens        

We take a look back at the early days, present and future of rising dance music superstar Oliver Heldens with the man himself and the team by his side.